Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Doesn't Hurt to Ask

I sometimes get teased by my staff about particular items that I put price tags on. Their assumption is that no one is going to buy that or no one is going to ask about that. After a few years of experience, I have learned that while pricing items, I have to think like a shopper--- and not just your average shopper. After all, these are estate sale shoppers were talking about here! :-)  Now, I'm not talking about items that you would think are trash items, I'm talking about very sellable but not your usual 'for sale' items. I have often had to come up with an off the top of my head price for items that I didn't think anyone would inquire about. For instance, cemented lamp posts in the yard, decorative cement blocks or bricks that are used to create a walk way, the rosebush or purple jew planted in the yard, The satellite dish on top of the house, light fixtures in the ceiling, the barn in the backyard and the list goes on. Many of these items we have sold unexpectedly. This is why I titled this piece, "Doesn't Hurt to Ask." Depending on the circumstances with the sale of the home, for example, if the home is going back to the bank, many of the items I mentioned can be sold. So remember, be bold be brave and always ask. We may chuckle for a second but you just never know. It never hurts to ask!

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