Saturday, December 26, 2015

What Chaos?

At Count It All Joy Estate Sales, our motto is "We bring clarity to chaos." I thought the day after Christmas would be a great time to share a couple of tips on how to avoid building up clutter as we enter into a new year.

Tip #1-- So you got a special new sweater for Christmas. That's awesome! Now walk to your closet and locate that sweater that you haven't worn in the past 2 years or can't fit anymore and place into your donation pile. After all, you have this lovely new sweater to replace it with! Now what shoes shall we replace with our new Christmas pair?

Tip #2-- Get rid of the old. Start planning now how you want to handle those Christmas decorations before you take them down. If you love the joy of shopping for Christmas decorations, get those boxes labeled and ready now. With the exception of sentimental items, you can donate or sell online the old stuff. Designate a very LIMITED space in your home and hit those estate sales in January/February for awesome deals on Christmas decorations! This gives you an opportunity for a fresh new look year after year. Once that Christmas space has been filled--cut off the shopping! No, the entire attic space does not count as limited space. Pick a closet or a small square footage of space in the attic.

I will provide more tips throughout the year to help you bring "Clarity to Chaos."

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