Sunday, January 10, 2016

What's Hot What's Not

Just like with fashion and music, trends come and trends go. Having been in the estate sale industry for over 5 years I have noticed that we experience the same effects with our shoppers. I remember during the early years, I could get a pretty strong penny for a collection of Noritake china or vintage "brown furniture" i.e. Drexel, Broyhill etc. Unfortunately, these are items among our What's Not list. However, there will always be collectors and dealers still on the hunt for these great items and we welcome them! I'm noticing among our What's Hot list, and has been for a while, is vintage Pyrex, Albums are definitely making a comeback, more modern furniture pieces, and items that can be used for repurposing i.e. old fish tanks or TV consoles. I truly believe that there will always be a find for every shopper. What will be your next great find? Until brown furniture becomes the it thing again-- happy shopping! 

                                          Check out these great repurposing ideas!

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