Monday, February 15, 2016


So after a long weekend working an estate sale I decided to go to the roller rink. Yes, there are still a few around! It was so nostalgic and my thoughts went back to those childhood days when indoor roller skating was super popular. The music, the people dancing on skates, the nachos--yes its all about the nachos :-) This experience got me to thinking about how many of my customers feel when they walk around at an estate sales. You may see an item that will immediately take you back to those carefree days of childhood and bring about a warm feeling inside. For me it would be an old perculator--- reminds me of my grandmother who wouldn't miss a day without her coffee and would sometimes let us sneak a sip or two. I remember one of my worker's almost threw away an old milk carton and I told him that someone will purchase it simply because it reminds them of their childhood. Lo and behold--it sold. What nostalgic finds have you come across in your estate sale endeavors......?

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